Clearly, “The Fosters” is becoming a year-around event at this point. The show just wrapped up its second season last week with one of the most massive shockers to date, and now we also have the news that the cast and crew are back at work already on season 3 … with one major subtraction of course. More on that later, in the event you have somehow remain unspoiled.

The proof of the cast’s return comes via the Twitter of star Maia Mitchell (Callie), who is probably going to have yet another busy season ahead for her. This is what happens when you’re coming off 21 episodes of adoption drama! Filming will continue throughout the spring and summer, and then there will be some time for the cast and crew to rest again to close off the year. Somewhere in the middle of all of that, season 3 will premiere on ABC Family and they will be jumping into the promotion part of their jobs. There is no confirmed premiere date yet, but if we are to make an educated guess based on past seasons, our guess is that Callie and company will return at some point in June.

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